Experience. Redglass.

Redglass is a suite of business software and apps,
that deliver a complete end-to-end Business System.

Australia company, Australian staff, with local 24/7 support if required.

Why choose redglass?

Australian organisation, people and standards

Our organisation is wholley based in Australia, employing qualified professionals who adhere to Australian business ethics.
Your data and business information is guarded by our integrity (and Australian Law).

Experience ... since 1994

Established in 1994 we have continued to grow, care for our clients; and shown that our business solutions have stood the test of time.

Qualified Accounting staff

Our CEO is a qualified accountant and member of the Institute of Public Accountants.
We are able to work with your local accountant, to assist you to gain the most efficiency possible from your business systems.

Qualified Engineers

Our technical team is built upon the skills of University trained software engineers.
They have the formal training and disipline necessary, to deliver world class technical services.

Support available 24/7

Our systems are robust and don't require intensive support.
But its good to know that if you need us, we are available 24/7 to assist you. GUARANTEED!

Why are our clients successful?

They invest in systems

One trait that all of our successful clients have in common, is their willingness to invest in systems to manage their business. Each part of their business is broken down into simple procedures, that can be quantified and replicated with a consistent outcome.

What you can measure you can improve ...

When our clients can measure the performance of an aspect of their business, they can then set benchmarks to maintain quality and improve their efficiency and financial return.

Digitise, store and manage

The majority of our clients understand that Redglass Business Systems are the ideal way to digitise, store and manage their business processes. They build the business proceeses and Redglass systems drive the business.

Very sound business investment

Redglass Business Systems are built on quality software and apps; every piece of code designed to be reliable and robust. This requires a large capital investment by redglass, which in turn requires a reciprocal investment by our clients. Redglass systems are not free, but they are affordable and constitute a very sound investment by our clients.

The bottom line

Give yourself a better chance of success. Invest in systems to manage your business; invest in Redglass to manage your systems.