Experience. Redglass.

Redglass is a suite of business software and apps,
that deliver a complete end-to-end Business System.

Australia company, Australian staff, with local 24/7 support if required.

Why choose redglass?

Australian organisation, people and standards

Our organisation is wholley based in Australia, employing qualified professionals who adhere to Australian business ethics.
Your data and business information is guarded by our integrity (and Australian Law).

Experience ... since 1994

Established in 1994 we have continued to grow, care for our clients; and shown that our business solutions have stood the test of time.

Qualified Accounting staff

Our CEO is a qualified accountant and member of the Institute of Public Accountants.
We are able to work with your local accountant, to assist you to gain the most efficiency possible from your business systems.

Qualified Engineers

Our technical team is built upon the skills of University trained software engineers.
They have the formal training and disipline necessary, to deliver world class technical services.

Support available 24/7

Our systems are robust and don't require intensive support.
But its good to know that if you need us, we are available 24/7 to assist you. GUARANTEED!