Integrated Business System

Built-in calculator for converting square and linear meter quantities to leafs, layers and packs!
Automatically create a supplier purchase order, based on a customer quote or order.
Specialised customer templates allow customers to easily order online.

From a single terminal startup, to a large many terminal enterprise.

100% Australian


Specialised Tools for Bricks & Pavers

Quantity calculator: 
Built-in calculator for converting square and linear meter quantities to leafs, layers and packs!
Customer templates: 
Recuring template orders allow your customers to easily restock with minimal effort (from their web browser or smart phone).
Fully integrated online ordering publishes your inventory to your online store. Online sales automatically update your POS (no syncing ... its automatic).

Simply poweful Apps!

Sales and Purchasing templates allow you to setup for your customers / suppliers, frequently sold / purchased items.
Copy copy copy: 
Copy a Template to an Order, then the Order to an Invoice. Eliminate repetitive data entry and typo's.
Price edits and voids: 
Full or relaxed security on all screens ... for simplicity and control.

Back office

Inventory control: 
Comprehensive inventory control with Stock-take and Adjustments.
Purchasing module: 
Purchase orders, delivery advises and supplier invoices to manage your purchases.
Sales analysis: 
Know what you are selling and the real margins you are making with comprehensive sales analysis.

Australian support

Technical but simple: 
Comprehensive support provided by qualified Australian technicians, in simple language you will understand.
Minimal support required: 
Redglass products are well designed and don't require a lot of support ... but it good to know support is readily available if you need it!


Access data anywhere: 
iPads, laptops and smart phones provide the maximum flexibility and mobility for staff and managers.

Take orders online and print directly to the warehouse; or make sales in the shop and print to the warehouse!

e-Commerce Integrated

Built from the ground up: 
Fully integrated e-commerce module available. No syncing, no third party apps ... just pure 100% redglass.
Inventory integration: 
Inventory is automatically uploaded to your website with online sales appearing instantly in your redglass sales module!

Sales module

Sales desk: 
Enter and manage sales from multiple pathways (workstation, ipad, e-commerce, LAN, Cloud).

Customer management suite with extensive analysis reports.

Xero Integration available for Cloud version.

Purchasing module

Purchasing desk: 
Supply chain management from Purchase order to Delivery receipt and Supplier invoice.

Purchases automatically update Inventory on Hand and money owing to suppliers.

Inventory module

Manage stock and purchasing: 
Track Purchases, Sales and Inventory on hand in REAL TIME.
Simple Stock-take procedure.
Comprehensive reporting and analysis of Inventory movements.

Add-on modules

Built for growth: 
Redglass powers customers from small one terminal start-ups to very large organisations with complex networks.

Expand your digital backbone as you grow, adding other redglass modules such as XERO integration or EFTPOS

No Lock-in contracts

Security and peace of mind: 
We provide everything you need in one simple subscription, with NO LOCK-IN CONTRACTS.

Software, instructions, setup assistance and ongoing support, if you need it (by Australian redglass staff).

Experience. Redglass