Support request

In order to assist you, our technicians require the following information, within an email to:
Name of your Business
Your Name
Your email
Your phone number
Description of what you require help with ...

Support & Technical assistance

Support: Email response is provided FREE when a Support Request is made.
Email support will direct you to our knowledge base, or provide a brief explaination of how to resolve the support request.

Technical assist: Remote access or telephone assistance is available at:
Monday - Friday (9am to 5pm WST) AU$25 per 15 minute block.
All other times at AU$35 per 15 minute block.

Onsite: Technical assistance at your premises may be available at the above rates (evaluated on a case by case basis).
Travel and accommodation allowance will apply.

Customisation of Software: Requests for customisation of software may be made to Redglass Business Systems.
Customisation, testing, installation and training is charged at AU$45 per 15 minute block.


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